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Pine Valley now known as South Dayton saw its first settlers in 1816, who owned the one square mile that now comprises the Village of South Dayton. "Between 1830 & 1840 the prevailing religions were Mormons and Methodists. The great Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, came here occasionally and held services in a large house which stood on the property which the Kerr family now owns. This building was 30' x 50' and was three stories high and at one time housed nine families. When the Mormons left New York State, Joseph Smith and the property owner and all nine families went with him. In 1849 the property was bought by Homer Wheelock and he tore it down. After several more property sales in 1865 John & Cynthia Wickham bought it, and also owned 400 acres in what is now the Village proper, in 1875 they sold 32 acres to Robert Ewing.

They then plotted and laid out into lots the acreage of the farm which is now the Village of South Dayton. In 1874 Mr. Wickham influenced the railroad to go to Cherry Creek through the property he owned and gave them 6 ½ acres for the railroad. Development began with a general store, 2 dry goods stores, hardware, drug store, hotel, tavern, clothing store, 2 groceries, dental/physician's office, shingle mill, 2 churches, 2 saw mills, grape basket factory, shingle mill, steam lumber mill, stave and heading factory, broom factory, carriage shop. In 1915 the hamlet incorporated and took the name of the Post Office – South Dayton. It also had a canning factory, milk plant, bank, feed mill, and has seen many changes over the years.
    Population in the Village at incorporation was 629 (1915), 1990-601, 662-2000, 620-2010.